Friday, January 2, 2009

Because I'm Worth It

Me and 3 of my children on Christmas morning

Earlier I blogged about ditching the 'I want to lose weight' new years resolution and I decided to replace it with the 'I'm going to love myself' goal. Well I've decided to take it one step further and make it a challenge! I have been following Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge and I have found it incredibly motivating.
So I'm doing the "Because I'm Worth It" Challenge. Each week, on Friday I'm going to update my progress on how I am respecting myself, how I'm treating my body and spirit with kindness. All sounds wishy washy I know, but hell, the "I want to lose weight' yearly statement/goal is just not working!

So I've decided to break it up into categories (bit like the Back to basics Challenge):
What I eat, what I want to eat, new foods, new recipe's.
Similar to food, and total minutes exercised
Actions and Thoughts
Changing my thought process, how I'm changing my attitude, what little things am I doing to show self-respect.

If I think of more, I'll add them!

So here goes....
I need to eat breakfast everyday. This is a bad habit for me...the breakfast skipping. This morning I had porridge with a little maple syrup and banana. Also I'm aiming for 1L of water per day.

This week the aim is to do 3 x 30 min of exercise per week. My concrete blocks stopping me doing this is the heat. We are in a heat wave of 37 degree days at the moment and I hate exercising when it is hot. However, kids are doing swimming lessons down the beach, I could pop the two year old in the big floaty doughnut thing and just walk up and down the beach. The kids lesson goes for 45 min so I can probably get a couple of 30 min sessions in.

Actions and Thoughts
In my earlier post I said I wasn't going to hide myself when I go to the beach anymore. Well I did it! Twice! I swam in just bathers, I played chasey with the kids, I built sand castles and generally splashed about. With no boardshorts to 'hide' me and without venturing out to the deeper water to 'hide' my body. It was very liberating!

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Jetta's Nest said...

Good for you! I'm so interested to see how you go with this, it sounds really positive and very inspiring.