Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things kids say!

Scene: Walking in the city. Bird does a poo, just missed us!
Me: Watch out Lily, there is poop (pointing).
Lily: Doesn't God have a toilet.

Scene: Walking home from school. Explaining to kids that the cat is going to get fixed up tomorrow, so we all have to be nice to the cat when he comes home.
Dylan: What sort of operation?
Me: He's going to have his testicals removed (trying to keep a straight face).
Dylan: Are you turnng him into a girl?

29 Forever!

It's my birthday today and boy did I do well! Like most grown up's, I see my birthday as really just another day and don't really pay it much mind. Sometimes I get good pressies and sometimes I might not get any at all (being 5 weeks from christmas doesn't help!). But this year I hit the jackpot!

I got a big frame that I've been wanting for a large portrait (mental note: next time I feel the urge to get portrait photo's of my kids, think about how much frames cost!), a portable iPod docking station (not what I need or wanted, but now I've got it I will definately use it! I love my podcast's), a Mandarin tree, a Blueberry bush and my sister has ordered me a copy of Little House on the Praire by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Every year I always by something for myself, so this year I ordered some books and more importantly I bought some chairs for my dining room. This may sound mundane, but I detested my dining chairs. Two had structual issues, all were stained and manky, but they were free and did the trick. However I saved up the money and decided I was going to by myself some new dining chairs and not only that I was going to be environmentally consious and go second hand and also be mindful of budget and not spend more than $50 per chair. Oh and they had to be all wood (removeable covers ok, but no permanent fabric), they had to be solid and I needed at least 6 chairs.

Well I finally got them and at $43 a chair I'm a happy camper.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the eleventh hour..

It's Rememberence Day. I was in the city with my son when the minutes silence commenced and it saddened me that several people were still chatting/walking about during this minute. One whole minute. 60 small seconds. Was whatever they were talking about/destination they were aiming for, so important that they could not take out one minute to quietly reflect and be thankful?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Down by the Farm:Perhaps I'm a little dense, but it only occured to me last week when I harvested half my vegie patch, that I didn't have much growing anymore, and I need to be planting something new each week. Hmmm derr. So my new goal is to plant at least two different varieties each week. Last wekend I planted watermelon, pumkin, cucumber, basil, tomatoes, capsicum, rosella and loofah.

This week I got my digger seeds and I'm planning on another row of carrots and some capsicum. I also need to work on the second vegie patch. It got neglected in the post baby recovery and I need to get it functioning.

Makings: My iron fell off the ironing board (my fault) and cracked across the top. So I need to buy another iron before I do any major sewing. However I did finish my Incredible costume for myself and my husband for a halloween party. We looked awsome!
I need to finish off xmas cards, hats and start my Felix dresses for my girls