Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Basics Update

In the Garden
My Diggers Club seeds arrived, so I've got sunflowers (Giant and a variety called Teddybear), pumpkin, capsicum, cherry tomato and corn.
Eggplant seedlings, marjoram
Tomato, zucchini, carrots
Seaweed extract over all the pots and garden beds, snail hunting, trying to keep on top of the couch grass invading the garden beds.

Planning for the Future
Making a list of friends and relatives birthdays and I'm trying to create a timeline with handmade gift suggestions so I can be prepared when birthdays come around. I have been through my fabric stash and I've mentally compiled a list of ideas for clothes and gifts. Just need to get it all on paper now....
Ordered some fabric from crafty mammas for clothes for the kids including school uniform colours. My kids like to layer there clothes and I can't seem to get long sleeve tops in the right green. So a special buy came up and I've ordered some stretch knit for long sleeve tops.

Working for the Future
Making my mother-in-laws birthday present. Making a bunch of easy but oh so pretty twirly skirts for my girls. Freezing excess tomato's (whole), for use in casseroles/slow cooker meals. I want to have a go at sun dried tomatoes but this week has been super busy with swimming lessons, I haven't had a chance yet. Maybe next week...

Building Community
Discussed with a friend about the possibility in doing a co-op type arrangement with grocery and meat shopping and buying monthly for maximum benefits. We both agreed we can't do it this month (need to save up the money for a biiggggg shop!), but could possibly start in February. In the mean time we are going to look into bulk buying butchers and FAL (they supply IGA in WA).
Doing some cleaning out of kids clothes ready to donate to charities/people having babies.

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