Friday, January 23, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Possibly to much information, but no graphics. Promise.

Breakfast is still going good. Lunch, hmm so so. I haven't had as much salad in my sandwiches as I would have liked. I guess the biggest reason is that I haven't had salad foods pre-prepared, ready to go in the fridge. I must get on to this. Water intake is going well. I'm drinking 1.5-2L a day and it is a comfortable amount. Snacks...not bad but could be better. I've tried cut fruit, popcorn and muffins. I like the muffins, the popcorn just makes me hungry but the fruit is good too.
Oh man do I hate formal exercise. So I thought "hmmmm what can I do that could count as exercise". Which leads me to the 'to much information' bit. Did you know for 1/2 hour of sex you burn 13o calories. Not much but about the same as a half hour walk. And I know which one gets my heart racing more ;) Hehehe. So anyway, hubby is liking this new health fad I'm on and I can say I 'exercised' several times this week.
On a more serious note, I have been trying to make an effort this week and although it's still not 'work up a sweat' exercise, it's better than nothing.
Thoughts and Actions
This week I got my eyebrows waxed and I've booked an appointment for my legs to be done too. It's funny how I baulk at spending $10 on an eyebrow wax, yet don't think anything on a $30 splurge at Spotlight..... But as I've said before, this challenge isn't about loosing weight. It's about feeling good about myself. Tomorrow I'm going to the city with a friend to shop for something to wear on Sunday for church. The kids are being massed baptised and I want to look nice up there in front of everybody.
I've cut out several 'projects'. But haven't been able to finish anything yet (see other update post). Will post pics of creations when I've completed them.

Goals for this Week
*Continue moving. Try and get in 2 walks with the kids.
*Get my legs waxed.
*Continue with healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinking water.
*Eat 1 super healthy dinner.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Basics Update

In The Garden
Sown: None to report
Transplanted: More sunflowers, Giant pumpkin, tomatoes
Harvesting: Potatoes, various herbs
Applied a soil wetting agent to back lawn. It's looking very sad, and not surprising with the heat wave Perth has been going through. General weeding.

Planning for the Future
I borrowed a copy of 'Peak Oil Survival' by Arie McBay, and I have been reading through that to see what self-sustaining changes we can make around our home. I'm entertaining the idea of enrolling part-time into a course at TAFE. It's only 3 hours per week, and it is in Business Administration, which would really help me not just to have my skills certified, but in helping me do my husbands bookwork better. Enrolment is next week.....

Working for the Future
Tidying up around the house continues. Cleaning out the pantry, using up old/forgotten food. Still sewing away. Making clothes for winter and also handmade gifts, so they are on hand when I need them. Made some games (Bingo based), for the kids to help them in language areas that they aren't so good at.

Building Community
Gathered up some clothes that my daughter doesn't need to donate to a family in need.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Week Two! been and gone. Wow that went quick, here's my check in:

Again, a couple of slip ups but some progress too. Breakfast is going well and I'm eating a healthy lunch too. I've added more fruit to my diet and my water intake is up to 1.25 (a water bottle size) per day. In fact my body is craving that water. Yesterday I went out and left my water bottle at home, so from 9am till 2pm I didn't drink any water, and had such a terrible head ache by last night.
I've cut my tea and sugar (in the tea) right down. In fact, I'm consuming around 3 tsps of sugar now instead of 6-8 tsps. If I continue this for a whole year I will be cutting out 5kg of sugar from my diet. Pretty cool hey.
I'm not doing so well in the snack department. As soon as 3-4pm hits I'm ravenous, so this week I'm investigating healthy snacks. I also need to be better prepared for when I go out. I need to remember to take my drink bottle with me and I need to remember to take healthy snack/lunch alternatives, so I'm not forced/tempted to buy unhealthy food.

Arrgghhhh. I hate exercising. It's set to hit 40 degrees today. Only crazy people seek out exercise in that sort of weather. I bounced on the trampoline a few times, and walked to the deli for milk instead of driving. But again nothing to be proud of.

Thoughts and Actions
I've started on a multi-vitamin supplement this week. Just a general all rounder. I've also been cutting out sewing patterns and getting a list of projects happening. I don't generally sew clothes for myself, I never look like the chick on the pattern envelope. So I've banished the self-hate talk this week and I'm determined to make stuff for me. One item of clothing that is a must is a hat. The essence of this challenge for me looking after myself as a whole. I could loose all the weight in the world, but it wouldn't really matter if I'm looking old and crusty because I don't wear a hat or apply sunscreen.

*Cut my sugar content in my cups of tea to 1/2tsp.
*Find some healthy snack alternatives
*Be prepared when I leave the house. Make taking a water bottle just as important as taking my purse.
*Include 3 x 30min exercise sessions in my week
*Apply sunscreen and wear a hat if I go out in the sun.

How did your week go?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Tricking You

I had an interesting conversation with my son (he's almost 8 years old) which started off with him asking why does Cricket Australia advertise with KFC if KFC is a sometimes food, and if all the cricket players ate KFC they would be big and fat.
I was so proud of him as, it lead on to me pointing out that many foods and products are endorsed by characters and famous people. He commented in a rather annoyed tone "But they are trying to trick me into buying stuff"
Finally! My parenting is paying off and he realises why I refuse to buy many of these products.

Then today we had another conversation about slogans and jingles and how companies use them to try and get you to remember their products, and we had a go at making our own.

I'm not anti-advertising or against slogans and the like, by the way. But I'm not a fan of companies using children to manipulate them into pestering parents to buy stuff.

1 down, 3 more kids to go :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back to Basics Update

Another slow week. Swimming lessons is now over, so I'm hoping to get a bit more done this week.
In the Garden
The seeds I've sown from my last post have germinated (mostly) and coming along well. The sunflowers will need to be transplanted this week though to a sunny spot. They are in jiffy pots so that should be easy done.
Harvesting: More zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes.

Planning for the Future
We (my husband and I) have been discussing future plans for our house. We live in a 4 x 2 home which, size wise is fine for us at the moment. But it concerns me that when the kids get to their teens they will be living on top of each other, in particular my daughters. They share and their room size is not big enough for single beds (they sleep in bunks). I want all my children to stay at home as long as they need to, and I don't want them to feel they have to move out because they need privacy or space to study etc. I had to move out of my home when I was 16 and support myself and it was so hard sometimes. So we've decided on a long term goal/plan. Our goal is to re-visit this issue in 5 years time. By then we will have no debts (apart from the house) and should have a sizeable savings account. Then we look at renovating and extending upwards. My husband is a roof carpenter, his dad is an electrician and two good friends of ours are plasterers, so the cost of this project could potentially be greatly minimised. And my husband has done many of these sorts of projects so he knows a great deal about doing ourselves.

Working for the Future
My husband has been given a whole heap of pavers, so we can pave a section in our backyard that is to shady for grass and not ideal for garden beds. We have also been cleaning out broken junk that can't be re-purposed, as it is almost bulk rubbish time in my area.

Building Community
Continued to clean out old children's clothes. Borrowed out the crib :( (My baby is growng up so fast). Acquired some more age appropriate toys for my baby in return. Set some dates to babysit so a friend doesn't have to pay for daycare, and so my kids can have a play.

Learn a New Skill
Learnt how to gather properly! I was very pleased with myself!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Feeling Proud

Today I witnessed an older gentleman topple off his bike, stagger a little, then collapse. So I pulled over and offered assistance. He was disorientated and had a medic alert bracelet indicating he was diabetic. I called the ambulance then and continued to give 1st aid. Fortunately he didn't pass out as a) he was bigger than me and I'm not sure if I could of managed him and b) My baby was in the car with the air con running. But all in all I feel proud of myself and hopefully the gentleman will have a good outcome.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

From Family

Before Shot! Please don't mind the 'around the house clothes' or the toys or the baby.
Week One
Well week one has been good, several positive changes but also a few slip ups. But overall I'm happy. I think I need to set my goals out though, so they are more measurable. At the moment I'm feel what I'm hoping to achieve is a little vague. So here is a update;
I've eaten breakfast each morning for 6 out 7 days. I feel much better by mid morning and I'm not getting a 'oh my I'm going to pass out if I don't get a sugar fix' feeling by lunch time. I've tried to have a healthy lunch, but I still need to work on this. I've cut down how much tea (and therefore sugar in my tea) down to 3 cups a day (3 tsps sugar). I'm also getting in the 6 glasses + of water too. I have slipped up a few times though. I have had take-aways twice and I've had 5 x 500ml iced coffees this week. So thats something I need to work on.
Hmmm does it count as an excuse that we have been having 35 degree + days and thats why I couldn't formally exercise this week? Ok, probably a crap excuse. It has been hot, so instead of sitting on the beach during swimming lessons, I have made an effort to get in the water for a splash. I really need to work on this area.
Actions and Thoughts
I've been reading up on tips and ideas on dieting and healthy living and I have started to implement some of them. I've switched to low fat milk, I've started having a glass of milk with breakky (it helps fill you up), I've made an effort to have pre-prepared salad foods in the fridge (sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, grated carrot, all in containers) so I'm more inclined to make a healthy sandwich and I'm trying to get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with me.
Week 2 Goals
*Continue with breakfast, healthy lunch and drinking water
*Cut out the Masters Iced Coffees
*No excuses, exercise for 30 min x 3. Minimum.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Basics Update

In the Garden
My Diggers Club seeds arrived, so I've got sunflowers (Giant and a variety called Teddybear), pumpkin, capsicum, cherry tomato and corn.
Eggplant seedlings, marjoram
Tomato, zucchini, carrots
Seaweed extract over all the pots and garden beds, snail hunting, trying to keep on top of the couch grass invading the garden beds.

Planning for the Future
Making a list of friends and relatives birthdays and I'm trying to create a timeline with handmade gift suggestions so I can be prepared when birthdays come around. I have been through my fabric stash and I've mentally compiled a list of ideas for clothes and gifts. Just need to get it all on paper now....
Ordered some fabric from crafty mammas for clothes for the kids including school uniform colours. My kids like to layer there clothes and I can't seem to get long sleeve tops in the right green. So a special buy came up and I've ordered some stretch knit for long sleeve tops.

Working for the Future
Making my mother-in-laws birthday present. Making a bunch of easy but oh so pretty twirly skirts for my girls. Freezing excess tomato's (whole), for use in casseroles/slow cooker meals. I want to have a go at sun dried tomatoes but this week has been super busy with swimming lessons, I haven't had a chance yet. Maybe next week...

Building Community
Discussed with a friend about the possibility in doing a co-op type arrangement with grocery and meat shopping and buying monthly for maximum benefits. We both agreed we can't do it this month (need to save up the money for a biiggggg shop!), but could possibly start in February. In the mean time we are going to look into bulk buying butchers and FAL (they supply IGA in WA).
Doing some cleaning out of kids clothes ready to donate to charities/people having babies.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Because I'm Worth It

Me and 3 of my children on Christmas morning

Earlier I blogged about ditching the 'I want to lose weight' new years resolution and I decided to replace it with the 'I'm going to love myself' goal. Well I've decided to take it one step further and make it a challenge! I have been following Belinda's Back to Basics Challenge and I have found it incredibly motivating.
So I'm doing the "Because I'm Worth It" Challenge. Each week, on Friday I'm going to update my progress on how I am respecting myself, how I'm treating my body and spirit with kindness. All sounds wishy washy I know, but hell, the "I want to lose weight' yearly statement/goal is just not working!

So I've decided to break it up into categories (bit like the Back to basics Challenge):
What I eat, what I want to eat, new foods, new recipe's.
Similar to food, and total minutes exercised
Actions and Thoughts
Changing my thought process, how I'm changing my attitude, what little things am I doing to show self-respect.

If I think of more, I'll add them!

So here goes....
I need to eat breakfast everyday. This is a bad habit for me...the breakfast skipping. This morning I had porridge with a little maple syrup and banana. Also I'm aiming for 1L of water per day.

This week the aim is to do 3 x 30 min of exercise per week. My concrete blocks stopping me doing this is the heat. We are in a heat wave of 37 degree days at the moment and I hate exercising when it is hot. However, kids are doing swimming lessons down the beach, I could pop the two year old in the big floaty doughnut thing and just walk up and down the beach. The kids lesson goes for 45 min so I can probably get a couple of 30 min sessions in.

Actions and Thoughts
In my earlier post I said I wasn't going to hide myself when I go to the beach anymore. Well I did it! Twice! I swam in just bathers, I played chasey with the kids, I built sand castles and generally splashed about. With no boardshorts to 'hide' me and without venturing out to the deeper water to 'hide' my body. It was very liberating!

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