Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Basics Update

In The Garden
Sown: None to report
Transplanted: More sunflowers, Giant pumpkin, tomatoes
Harvesting: Potatoes, various herbs
Applied a soil wetting agent to back lawn. It's looking very sad, and not surprising with the heat wave Perth has been going through. General weeding.

Planning for the Future
I borrowed a copy of 'Peak Oil Survival' by Arie McBay, and I have been reading through that to see what self-sustaining changes we can make around our home. I'm entertaining the idea of enrolling part-time into a course at TAFE. It's only 3 hours per week, and it is in Business Administration, which would really help me not just to have my skills certified, but in helping me do my husbands bookwork better. Enrolment is next week.....

Working for the Future
Tidying up around the house continues. Cleaning out the pantry, using up old/forgotten food. Still sewing away. Making clothes for winter and also handmade gifts, so they are on hand when I need them. Made some games (Bingo based), for the kids to help them in language areas that they aren't so good at.

Building Community
Gathered up some clothes that my daughter doesn't need to donate to a family in need.

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