Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Basics Update

The Back to Basics update is a little on the slim side due to Christmas :)

Garden News
Nothing new planted this week. My husband rigged up some shade for the second veggie patch. As I grow different plants I'm learning what works, what needs to be tweaked and what doesn't work at all. I've found that in veggie patch 1, which is in full sun, grows wonderful tomatoes, zucchini's and corn. Lettuce, potatoes, watermelon and pumpkin do ok here too. But cucumber just die. So the idea is to shelter the 2nd veggie patch from the harsh day/afternoon sun, and see what works in there. I'll keep you updated ;)

Planning for the Future
The budget is being drawn up. And next pay is when we start. I'm reverting to a 'cash' only budget in that I will be using envelopes to put money aside and using cash for purchases. I will be removing the key cards and leaving them at home. Fortunately we have no credit cards, so they are a non-issue.
I've got one shade sail up! My husband went to the hardware store and did it himself. We just need a few more, but it is a start.

Working for the Future
I've signed up to complete two modules as part of my leadership training (I'm a girl guide leader). This, I hope will all count when I eventually re-enter the work force and also make me a better guide leader.

Building Community
Via I've made my first loan. Maria is from Peru and will be using her loan to finance her clothing business. It feels wonderful to be part of a team of 25 people working together to help people less fortunate to get a leg up. One Maria pays her loan back, I'm going to re-invest the money with someone else.

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The Handmaden said...

Congratulations on organising your life, its an inspiration to me!