Saturday, January 10, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

From Family

Before Shot! Please don't mind the 'around the house clothes' or the toys or the baby.
Week One
Well week one has been good, several positive changes but also a few slip ups. But overall I'm happy. I think I need to set my goals out though, so they are more measurable. At the moment I'm feel what I'm hoping to achieve is a little vague. So here is a update;
I've eaten breakfast each morning for 6 out 7 days. I feel much better by mid morning and I'm not getting a 'oh my I'm going to pass out if I don't get a sugar fix' feeling by lunch time. I've tried to have a healthy lunch, but I still need to work on this. I've cut down how much tea (and therefore sugar in my tea) down to 3 cups a day (3 tsps sugar). I'm also getting in the 6 glasses + of water too. I have slipped up a few times though. I have had take-aways twice and I've had 5 x 500ml iced coffees this week. So thats something I need to work on.
Hmmm does it count as an excuse that we have been having 35 degree + days and thats why I couldn't formally exercise this week? Ok, probably a crap excuse. It has been hot, so instead of sitting on the beach during swimming lessons, I have made an effort to get in the water for a splash. I really need to work on this area.
Actions and Thoughts
I've been reading up on tips and ideas on dieting and healthy living and I have started to implement some of them. I've switched to low fat milk, I've started having a glass of milk with breakky (it helps fill you up), I've made an effort to have pre-prepared salad foods in the fridge (sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, grated carrot, all in containers) so I'm more inclined to make a healthy sandwich and I'm trying to get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with me.
Week 2 Goals
*Continue with breakfast, healthy lunch and drinking water
*Cut out the Masters Iced Coffees
*No excuses, exercise for 30 min x 3. Minimum.


Tracy said...

You've done really well this week :)

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