Friday, January 16, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Week Two! been and gone. Wow that went quick, here's my check in:

Again, a couple of slip ups but some progress too. Breakfast is going well and I'm eating a healthy lunch too. I've added more fruit to my diet and my water intake is up to 1.25 (a water bottle size) per day. In fact my body is craving that water. Yesterday I went out and left my water bottle at home, so from 9am till 2pm I didn't drink any water, and had such a terrible head ache by last night.
I've cut my tea and sugar (in the tea) right down. In fact, I'm consuming around 3 tsps of sugar now instead of 6-8 tsps. If I continue this for a whole year I will be cutting out 5kg of sugar from my diet. Pretty cool hey.
I'm not doing so well in the snack department. As soon as 3-4pm hits I'm ravenous, so this week I'm investigating healthy snacks. I also need to be better prepared for when I go out. I need to remember to take my drink bottle with me and I need to remember to take healthy snack/lunch alternatives, so I'm not forced/tempted to buy unhealthy food.

Arrgghhhh. I hate exercising. It's set to hit 40 degrees today. Only crazy people seek out exercise in that sort of weather. I bounced on the trampoline a few times, and walked to the deli for milk instead of driving. But again nothing to be proud of.

Thoughts and Actions
I've started on a multi-vitamin supplement this week. Just a general all rounder. I've also been cutting out sewing patterns and getting a list of projects happening. I don't generally sew clothes for myself, I never look like the chick on the pattern envelope. So I've banished the self-hate talk this week and I'm determined to make stuff for me. One item of clothing that is a must is a hat. The essence of this challenge for me looking after myself as a whole. I could loose all the weight in the world, but it wouldn't really matter if I'm looking old and crusty because I don't wear a hat or apply sunscreen.

*Cut my sugar content in my cups of tea to 1/2tsp.
*Find some healthy snack alternatives
*Be prepared when I leave the house. Make taking a water bottle just as important as taking my purse.
*Include 3 x 30min exercise sessions in my week
*Apply sunscreen and wear a hat if I go out in the sun.

How did your week go?


Anonymous said...

You are doing great. Just getting into the "water" habit is a wonderful thing to accomplish. Keep up the good work.

Tracy said...

Well done :) Thanks for the encouragement. I love how you are being so positive with yourself.