Thursday, August 27, 2009

I’m Nesting

Before Shot

Can you not be pregnant and still be in a nesting mood…..

I'm definitely not pregnant, but lately I have been increasingly frustrated with my home. I live with an enormous amount of clutter and I take on so many roles that I never have enough time to clean properly. This is a bad combination. Add to that my love of buying fabric and patterns, together with my lack of suitable storage and you can imagine how my home looks most days.

I don't actively invite people over because I'm embarrassed by the state of my home. This is insane.

So I decided to either suck it up and get over it, or do something about it and get over it, and happily for me I've chosen the latter. I've decided to tackle two rooms, the front room, which I use as a study and I'll use as a sewing space and the games room.

So far:

  • donated unwanted/unused furniture to freecycle

  • booked carpet man

  • made a list of what I want for both rooms

  • bought curtains for study/sewing room

To do:

  • Go to Ikea to buy items to fit out the rooms

  • Organise fabric, patterns, laptop

So I'm kind of in nesting mode. J