Friday, January 23, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Possibly to much information, but no graphics. Promise.

Breakfast is still going good. Lunch, hmm so so. I haven't had as much salad in my sandwiches as I would have liked. I guess the biggest reason is that I haven't had salad foods pre-prepared, ready to go in the fridge. I must get on to this. Water intake is going well. I'm drinking 1.5-2L a day and it is a comfortable amount. Snacks...not bad but could be better. I've tried cut fruit, popcorn and muffins. I like the muffins, the popcorn just makes me hungry but the fruit is good too.
Oh man do I hate formal exercise. So I thought "hmmmm what can I do that could count as exercise". Which leads me to the 'to much information' bit. Did you know for 1/2 hour of sex you burn 13o calories. Not much but about the same as a half hour walk. And I know which one gets my heart racing more ;) Hehehe. So anyway, hubby is liking this new health fad I'm on and I can say I 'exercised' several times this week.
On a more serious note, I have been trying to make an effort this week and although it's still not 'work up a sweat' exercise, it's better than nothing.
Thoughts and Actions
This week I got my eyebrows waxed and I've booked an appointment for my legs to be done too. It's funny how I baulk at spending $10 on an eyebrow wax, yet don't think anything on a $30 splurge at Spotlight..... But as I've said before, this challenge isn't about loosing weight. It's about feeling good about myself. Tomorrow I'm going to the city with a friend to shop for something to wear on Sunday for church. The kids are being massed baptised and I want to look nice up there in front of everybody.
I've cut out several 'projects'. But haven't been able to finish anything yet (see other update post). Will post pics of creations when I've completed them.

Goals for this Week
*Continue moving. Try and get in 2 walks with the kids.
*Get my legs waxed.
*Continue with healthy breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinking water.
*Eat 1 super healthy dinner.

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