Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Place

This week I'm joining in My Creative Space over at Kootoyoo. This is my first time in participating too :)

(Clockwise, starting top left hand corner)
1. Stack of fabrics waiting to be ironed. All from Crafty Mamas.
2. Apron. Xmas pressie for Lily. Just need to iron and trim off loose threads. I've got her a book of crafty things to do, and I'm going to make her up a 'craft kit' to go with the book and apron.
3. Two hats. Made from Ottobre 4/2007 #25. More xmas gifts.
4. Enig Gilchrist pattern book, Ikea 'Hearts' fabric. Making cotten p.j.'s.
5. T-Shirt for Cadel all cut out ready to go.
6. Make it Perfect Little Explorer Overalls cut out ready to go.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Felt Fun

Over at Crafty Mamas, Lisa is running a special buy on eco felt. At 5oc a square, I've felt(haha) the urge to buy, but then wondered what I'm going to make with all my yummy felt. So I've been doing some searching and thought I might share.

First off, Felt Food.

Felt Food Tutorial from One Crafty Place has some wonderful ideas.

Bperry042 check out direct link: Felt Food Tutes

Yummy enought to eat!


Aren't these letters cute? They would also make a sweet gift for a child with an unusual/uncommon name.

And baby booties, Heather Bailey share her Bitty Booties PDF, and these are so darn cute. Toddler booties are not made from felt in the tutorial, but you could easily make them from felt.


What little prince or princess would like crown.


Or you could use your felt to get organised!

The possibilities are endless!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What you Reading


It has been a trying couple of weeks with extended family relationship problems causing much stress, angst and tears. Sometimes I think some people could even list 'stirring up family drama's' as their hobby.

So to console myself I have been keeping busy, sewing lots, pottering about and enjoying the company of some good books. I thought I might share my latest stack of good reads with you.

The "Sew What!" series continues to impress me. I think what I love about this series is that it deviates from teaching people a recipe for making something, instead the series sets out to show readers
how to draft a pattern to fit your proportions then go on to make the garment. I own a copy of Sew What! Skirts and I was excited to find a copy of Sew What! Fleece at my local library.

Bend-the-Rules Sewing is another library gem. I've borrowed this book before, but decided to borrow again for a little bit of inspiration.

Talking of inspiration, Caft Inc. is a very how to guide on starting your own crafty business.

Choosing Eden came free with Gardening Australia magazine and I'm looking forward to curling up with a cup of tea and getting into this book.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On the edge

What puts me on the edge....
1. People with double (seat) trolleys with NO CHILDREN. Like hello people??? They are for people with multiple small children. And don't give me this "I need more trolley space, because I buy lots of food". I have 4 kids and a hungry husband. I shop fortnightly. I buy lots of food. And when I shop with no kids, I use a normal trolley, and you know what? I manage.
2. Tailgators. Seriously, do you want me to brake suddenly, because take it from me, my insurance people will chase your insurance people and they will make you pay.
3. Family members. Need I say more.
4. People who think they are so special that they have to park their special cars in two parking bays (line going up the centre of the car). Your just asking me to park my special car 2cm away from your special car. Park properly or leave it at home.
5. Check out chicks at Myer. An ongoing bugbear. Lovie, I don't really care where you work, I'm the one with the money, I'm the customer, the customer is always right and get off your pedestal. You are no different to the check out chick at Coles.
I think I'll leave it at 5 !
What puts you on the edge?