Monday, June 16, 2008

Hair Lackey's

I wanted to buy my daughter a whole bunch of hair ties and give them to her in a pretty box, but my goodness, they don't come cheap. So I made these for a fraction of the price and in her favourite colours too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is the vegie patch now. The green manure crop is now about 30cm high and almost ready to be turned and mulched in.

The second patch has now been 'no digged' and a green manure crop was put in over the weekend just gone.

Life has certainly been busy lately and I haven't been able to keep my blog updated. But thats ok. Life over the next 6 weeks or so should start to slow a little as I prepare for the baby.

I bought some great AIO nappies from a lovely lady on ebay. So we are all set to 'go cloth'. I've used cloth more or less with the other three, but never been completely happy. I love the AIO style, much like disposables, and so easy to use. I'm still yet to clean out the baby's's still the spare room, full of junk. I have 6 weeks to feels so far away......