Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Because I'm Worth It Update

While my lap top has been slowing me down, I didn't abandoned my challenge.

I've been eating breakfast everyday as a habit, which is great. The water consumption has been maintained. I haven't been so good with the Lite Iced coffees....However I have started a $10 000 in 2010 challenge over at the Down to Earth Forums . This is a interesting challenge of living frugally and putting what you save onto your mortgage (or savings account), with the goal of getting ahead by $10000 by the end of 2010. Instead of buying an ice coffee, I've been putting the $3 straight on my mortgage. The satisfaction I get from doing that at the end of the day has been really motivating!

Exercise wise, I've been ok. Not great, but ok. I've walked the dog and played the Wii Fit, but not everyday. My biggest barrier is family demands and at the moment I'm finding it hard to find the time. Add that to the crap Perth summer heat, and motivation goes out the window.

So my goals for this week:
*Keep a food diary.
*Exercise EVERYDAY!
*Keep putting in $3 into my mortgage in lieu of an Iced Coffee.

See you next week!