Saturday, July 23, 2011

It makes me smile

Came across Poppy, Bean and Bloss, what a delightful blog, anyway she has posted what is making her smile so I thought I would join in. :)

This little guy. He's three tomorrow! My last baby is rapidly leaving toddlerhood, this kind of makes me sad, but relieved as well. He's a handful, and he lives up to his name Cadel, which means warrior spirit. He is full of spirit and already showing signs of a wicked sense of humour (and I mean wicked, he has a fondness for playing pranks already!)

Speaking of Cadel, watching Cadel Evans makes me smile. I don't follow any sport in any way, shape or form, but if an Aussie is looking like they have a chance, then I do my patriotic duty and cheer him on.

And yes, I was heavily pregnant, hormone affected, watching Tour De France, three years ago.....hence my sons name. This always makes me smile!

Oh and I found out the other day the job I went for....I got it! It's part time, with the potential of taking full time, part of which I can work from home. This definitely makes me smile.

I start a TAFE course next week, this makes me smile. And the kids go back to school, I love school holidays, but going back to a regular routine....this makes me smile.

What makes you smile?

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