Saturday, July 9, 2011

Operation Bunker Bay

My husband and his colleagues have made the target of something or another at his work. This is great and really important I'm sure (eyes were glazed over when he was telling me the details). As a reward, the company has booked two nights away for all the supervisors (that's what he is) and their partners, including dinner on the friday and a tour of the wineries on the saturday.

When I first heard, I thought this was great, I had vaguely heard of Bunker Bay. Then I looked it up online.

Oh my. It's a 5 star get away. I'm not a 5 star getaway type person. I don't dress for 5 star getaways. I don't even dress for winery tours.

I'm worried. I have 8 weeks to get it together. Which brings me to my blog title, Operation Bunker Bay. I'm going to do an 8 week overhaul with the goal of looking and feeling confident about myself, confident enough to fit in among the other WAGS.

So if that is my overarching goal, my more specific goals are:

*Have 3 different hairstyles that I can do myself over this weekend.

*Have a make up 'look' that I can confidently apply.

*Have several different outfits that are suitable for each outing.

*Make sure my eyebrows are neat, eyelashes sparkle and maybe are fingernails gleaming.

*Restart my exercise and eating regime and loose 6 kgs in 8 weeks. This is perhaps a little ambitious, if I don't reach this, but I'm following healthy eating/exercising, I'll be happy.

After 8 weeks I don't want to stop. Because 4 weeks later, my sister is hoping on getting married and I'm one of her bridesmaids (although I have a feeling she might reschedule), then 4 weeks after that, it is my birthday and I would love to buy myself a great dress and look hot, then 4 weeks later is christmas and again, I wouldn't mind looking hot over the christmas festivities. ;)

So this is my plan of action:

*Youtube. Lots of great people have posted hair and makeup tutorials, my plan is to have a play and experiment with different looks. In 4 weeks I would like to book in for a hair cut (long overdue, my last cut was about 18months ago)

*Collect ideas from fashion blogs and from watching Offspring (tragic, but I love Nina's style). Disect the outfits then recreate out of things I own/can get hold of. Some pieces I can make too.

*I'm already booked in for a beauty treatment because I bought a cheap voucher from scoupon. That is next month. When I'm there I'll book in for another session about a week or so before THE weekend.

*Exercise program has started. I've started Burlesque dance classes (this is more of a reward, they are so much fun, if I grit my teeth and just attend the gym, then my reward is Burlesque classes).

I want to restart the 'Because I'm Worth It' weekly posting, because although my first deadline is Bunker Bay, I want this to be longer term. So stay tuned!

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