Saturday, August 6, 2011


My Sweet Baby Girl

What a hectic fortnight I've had.

I started a TAFE course, started a part-time job, trying to get stock ready for a stall and the kids went back to school.

I really want to do the TAFE's only 18 weeks more to go....but the impact on my kids is already noticeable. My 5 year old threw a tantrum yesterday, she never throws tantrums, and I know it was from overtiredness/early starts/not enough attention from me. My 3 year old gets all whingey (it's not really crying), as we pull into daycare, telling me he doesn't want to go.

My big kids are mostly ok, they are a little older and a little more independent. But the long days do affect them.

The house is rapidly turning into a tip. I have my routines in place, but I'm still doing all the housework, the kids help out, but my husband doesn't. It's not to bad, but I'm finding it hard to keep on top of things.

Then the cost. Daycare/After school care is costing me around $200 per week. I budgeted this in, then had unexpected expenses, and now the budget can't cover the care costs.

So I find myself wondering if it is worth it. I like being busy and active, but I don't like my family life to have such a hectic pace. And although I love the course, I don't really want to work in the field long term. The true cost of the course at this stage is draining.

On one hand I think I know what I need to do, but on the other hand........I really wish I had parents that I could go to and seek advice :(

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