Friday, July 8, 2011

Xmas Planning

Each year a small part of the christmas gift list is made up of handmade or cheap/2nd hand gifts for my kids and to a lesser extent, my children. This year I want to make it a bigger part, but more importantly, I want to rein in the spending and make it a more financially responsible time.

Now this $100 is everything. Kids, family, friends and the food. Sounds pretty impossible hey. I don't think I'll be able to keep it under $100, but I do have some advantages to help. I'm not hosting christmas lunch this year, so I'll only have to contribute a plate of something. Also my kids are happy with second hand/thrifted stuff and appreciate cool and unique things. They do like big ticket items, but they are also happy with the small things in life. As for family, I do have 5 nephews and 1 niece, but I only have to buy for 4 adults, as we only exchange gifts with the adults on my in-laws side of the family. Another advantage is my extensive fabric collection. If I can make it from fabric, chances are, I can make it cheap/free.

I know from experience that it takes a lot more planning and effort to do these sort of things so I'm making up a list with links and ideas to help me along the way.

My Kids
Dylan aged 10
Lego. Can be obtained second hand.
DS cover and game holder.

Cadel aged 3
Cool little belts, this would be good for the girls too.
Bike. Thinking gumtree or ebay for a cheap but good condition bike. If I can get one this bike basket would be cool.

Lilian aged 8

Zoe aged 5

Nephews and a Niece
Rhylie aged 6
Art caddy/tote I have a binding machine and lots of scrapbooking papers. I can make him some sketchbooks. I can also sharpen up the kids leftover pencils (we always end up with hundreds) from the end of the school year and put these in the caddy.

Evelyn aged 2
Dolls clothes. I'm pretty sure she has a baby born, and I have patterns for baby born doll clothes.

Cooper aged 4

Lochie aged 2
Dragon Slippers
Angus aged 1

Michael aged nearly 1

In Laws
BIL I'm thinking coffee cup cozy? with a good quality thermos cup as well?

Home Decor
Tree, we already have a base for a 'once was alive' tree. The tree we get erm ahh.... free from my kind brother in an undercover mission to the pine plantation.......well not really the pine plantation itself, my BIL relocates a tree from the side of the road... a tree that has sprouted from seed or something.....he assures me it is not from the plantation....and it is so scrawny and bent, I believe him.
Tree decorations are ones we have accumulated over the years.
Would love to add a christmas tree bunting and some table runners to my home decor

Last year we did a advent calender with each day a challenge to give. We got ideas from 25 days of giving but more ideas here I want to expand on this and make an improved calender system. Perhaps something like these felt pockets

Phew, that's enough brainstorming for now.

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