Saturday, July 9, 2011

Holiday Wish List

It's school holidays for the kids in WA. Yay!

This is our wish list of things we want to do. We probably won't make it through all of it, but even if we do half, it'll be fun.

1. Dinosaur exhibit at Perth Museum My youngest son is really into dinosaurs at the moment.

2. Telling Tales Story Telling Festival. This is more for the older two to enjoy. It's only $5 per child and the program looks great.

3. Picnic at Golden Valley Tree Park. The kids are all looking forward to this. The park has walk trails and lots of space to run and wander in.

4. Pinnochio, the play. My daughter has a classmate who has a role in this play. I thought it would be nice to go along and support her. :)

5. Movies.

Plus trips to the library, visit the scitech thing at the shops, spend time with cousins, some cooking (got some chocolate brownie slice in my near future) and a trip or two to the beach for some winter beach combing.

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