Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's Get Back to Basics

I have been terribly naughty when it comes to spending and conserving. I admire Rhonda and Eilleen and many others so much. They make thriftyness and frugalism a lifestyle rather than a hobby and although I aspire to be like them, I have, in recent times fallen off the wagon a bit.
So when I saw Belinda's get back to basics challenge I thought 'yep I'm in'. But then it never even made it to the blog. So here we go! Better late than never :)

Sowing Seed or Planting
Planted two rows of corn. Also planted a citrus tree. Need to investigate making up some sort of bug spray as the capsicums got attacked, there is no capsicums now.
Planning for The Future
Doing a spending diary to record where all the money is going. Meal planning has changed in that I'm trying to include more meals tha can be 'recycled' into meals the following night or making two meals in one night so dinner is sorted in one go rather than spread over two days.
Working for the Future
Continuing handmade gifts for christmas.
Building Community
Last week of Girl Guides next week! Meeting with the other leader soon to discuss ideas for next year, including teaching them life skills and including more service.
Learning a New Skill
I'm attempting to make more dishcloths, but this time with patterns in them to make pictures.


Kylie said...

Good for you getting back to basics. I am going to do this after christmas.

OMG - are you a guide leader? ME too -small world this guiding world isnt it!

And on the bugs - I saw something the other day where youmake up your own bug spray with garlic - I will find it and pm you the link on crafty mamas!

Lela said...

Very small world! What age group do you have? Mine are 10-15 year olds.
A bug spray recommendation would be awsome.

Linda said...

I enjoyed your post very much.