Sunday, December 14, 2008

Basics Update

Didn't do any planting this week. But did mulch. Also found that all the seeds in the second vegie patch were baked due to lack of mulch and full sun position. Hence the mulching. Also hubby started on a little pond in one of the garden beds. We are attempting to encourage frogs to our garden. :)
Plannng for the Future
Hmm spending diary is that I keep forgetting. But I have been trying to reduce spending. In the short term I'm resisting the urge to buy more toys the kids don't need for Christmas. This is hard to to do, especially when I'm feeling bombarded by junk mail, tv ads, pressure from family/friends to buy more and more Christmas gifts. Mid-term, we are getting the money together to put shade sails along the back of the house. This will help reduce temperature in the house (I hope) as this part of the house gets the full afternoon sun.
Building Community
Put my name on the church roster. Also got the pattern for the St John teddies. My goal is to make 4 before school goes back next year.

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Lyn said...

Hi, Lela!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. And now I've discovered yours and am looking forward to doing some catching up in your archives.

xx Lyn