Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things kids say!

Scene: Walking in the city. Bird does a poo, just missed us!
Me: Watch out Lily, there is poop (pointing).
Lily: Doesn't God have a toilet.

Scene: Walking home from school. Explaining to kids that the cat is going to get fixed up tomorrow, so we all have to be nice to the cat when he comes home.
Dylan: What sort of operation?
Me: He's going to have his testicals removed (trying to keep a straight face).
Dylan: Are you turnng him into a girl?


Janellybelly said...

I just love the "doesn't God have a toilet" - priceless! I found you from Hoppo Bumpo, I am also from PER. Great Blog :)
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Lela said...

Thanks Janelle. I love Hoppo Bumpo! She is so funny.