Friday, May 7, 2010

The Simple Things

Sometimes it's the simple things that are so precious and priceless.

My son has had the last week off from school due to a nasty bout of tonsilitis and was feeling a bit sad because he missed out on making mothers day gifts at school. So I told him to just write me a story and that would be fine. Anyway this is what he came up with (an early gift!).

"My Mum XOXO
My mum loves my brother and my two sisters and me.
She cleans the house.
She gets all of the nits out of my hair.
She tucks me into bed.
She makes dinner sometimes.
She cleans the cups and bowls.
She makes my bed.
She reads stories with the rest of the family.
She has an iPhone. It is really cool.
She sometimes walks the dog to school.
She drives me to school sometimes.

I love the bit about the nits ;)
What a cool mothers day gift !

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