Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to Basics

Added soil wetta to the fruit trees and weeded a little.
Made a whole heap of newspaper pots ready for various seeds.
Continued to weed neglected vegie patch.

Working for the Future
Ok confession time. My husband and I have a debt. A big one. Like $22 000. It's not important where or how, but I've been ignoring it, hoping it would take care of itself. We went through a stage of paying it off, and we were doing really well. But the repayments we agreed to were to high and we didn't make enough finacial changes to get on top of it. Now it has come to a point where if I don't do something about it, it will cause major problems.
So I've drawn up a budget. I went through and looked at anything we were not contracted to or absolutely had to have and they have been dropped or modified.
Dog wash man. Cancelled. Save $20 per month
Internet. Plan downgraded. Save $20 per month.
Daily Iced Coffee. Cut out. Save $87 per month. (I've been 2 weeks without one anyway, but I'll still count this).
Private health insurance. Suspended. Save $150 per month.

This brings my budget savings to an annual $3324.

I need to bring down my food, electricity and gas bill. So I'm looking at making changes there too.

I am expecting some rebates to come in around July/August totalling $2850. This combined with the above budget adjustments will total $6175.

I need to bring in extra money. I'm going around the house and getting together a pile of items I can sell on eBay. Mostly books, but I have some toys and clothes I think will sell. This is only a small amount in the whole scheme of things but every little thing helps. I've started sewing up clothing and gifts to sell too.

Building Community
This relates to community but it also relates to saving money too. I've rejoined LETS. LETS stands for local exchange trading system and basically is club that participants pay for goods and services using an imaginary currrency. Last time I was a member I was able to get eggs, produce, clothes, books, gifts, massages, plants and so much more for no $.
I also volunteered to serve on the fellowship team at church, and we are planning some fun family friendly events. I'm hoping this will also save some money in that we can do some family activities at little or no cost.


Belinda said...

Best wishes for the resolution of the debt. It sounds like you are taking all the steps that will help to move you forward.

Kind Regards

Tammy James said...


Sounds like you are taking good positive steps to reduce the debt and once you are free of it from experience I can say it is so very liberating, I personally did not realise the weight the debt held for me, ours was about $8000.

Good Luck!