Thursday, May 6, 2010



I need to make 540. So far I'm up to 41!

In my last Back to Basics post I mentioned I'm attempting a hexagon quilt. I started off from reading Gina's post about using up scraps, this lead me to Melanies blog post about her charm quilt along .

Now as much as I am inspired by this quilting challenge, I just don't own 540 different scraps of fabric. I could do some swaps, but I really want to reduce my fabric scraps/stash.
So I'm joing the quilt along, but just the hexagonal part, not the charm part :)

So far it has been great fun. I like how each hexagon can be basted in a few minutes, and it is something that can be done with kids on my lap on the lounge. I don't know how long this will take to make though and the 'putting the whole thing together' thing will be a challenge, but so far so good :)


Alia said...

Good for you! Hang in there and make it what you want! Said from a girl waiting for acceptance to join the group! I have a longgggg story on my hexies! You can read up if you'd like at:

RaisinCookies said...

Question -- how big will your finished product be, if you need 500-odd to complete it? I am sewing hexagons like mad, but have no end product in sight! I need to figure out what to do with the little things... :)