Monday, May 3, 2010

Back to Basics

My son is sick with tonsillitis, so this will be a short post this week.

I've worked at clearing away weeds in the garden bed as well as tidying up the front yard. For weeds in the pavement I have been using boiling water and salt. It works really well.

I haven't done any planting this week. Harvesting more basil, the last of my tomatoes and bay leaves.

Around the Home
The drain pipe became clogged with gunk, so my husband had to clean and flush that out. It's down the side of the house, an area that we have so far ignored. I've suggested he decks that area, it is long but narrow and in almost complete shade all day long. He thinks that is a good idea, so he'll start collecting the wood for that soon.
I'm continuing on the slow cooker fest, this is a marvelous recipe, really good for using as a base for a meal.
I've also discovered you can freeze celery, and I have been chopping and freezing that for cooking stews.
I have discovered hexagon quilting and how addictive it is. I was inspired by this post about managing your scraps. I hoard my scraps, which is all well and good, but doesn't achieve anything if they are sitting in a box. So I've started making hexagons for a future quilt. I've found that hexagon making is a perfect activity when you have a sick child curled up on your lap ;).

Hope you are all having a lovely week, and thankyou to Belinda for hosting the Back to Basics Challenge.

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Linda said...

The hexagon project sounds very exciting.