Friday, June 3, 2011

8 Random Things About Me

I'm linking up to Stacey's 'linky uppy thingy boppy' and sharing 8 random things about me.

1. Tea. Love it. Some days I go on a bender and all I seem to be drinking is tea. But you can always count on me having a cuppa first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed.

2. I was 28 when I was baptized, along with my 4 children. 5 Baptisms all at once, I'm sure we made a great contribution to the church stats for that year ;) hehe

3. I've lived out of home since I was 16.

4. I have one incomplete degree, one incomplete TAFE certificate. I've just applied for another TAFE certificate.......(actually I'm waiting on news on my acceptance, should know by 24th June).

5. With the exception of working in the South of WA for 8 months when I was 18, I have lived in my town by the sea for 31 years now. My feet are beginning to itch though.....

6. When people tailgate and try and pressure me to speed over the speed limit, I slow down to about 5 under the posted speed limit. I consider this my community service, stopping tailgaters from getting speeding fines or getting into accidents. I'm probably not doing anything for their heart health...

7. I'm hearing impaired. Most people wouldn't know unless told. I can lip read well enough to get by. But I get really self-conscious about what I can't hear and I don't cope well in large social situations, I get all shy. I'm too poor to replace my hearing aids (they cost a lot).

8. I have quite a funny sense of humor, a bit on the sarcasm side, but funny none the less. The angrier I get the more silly my humor can be.

You can read more or play along too by going to Stacey's blog post and linking up. :)


Stacey said...

You're so cute!
Hey, I love tea too!! Would you have guessed by the name of my blog?!
That's awesome about the baptism and yes their annual report would have looked great!
Good luck on TAFE, what will you be studying?
Unfortunately and sadly I have to confess that I am one of those people that are up you bum, so to speak, on the freeway...and yes my anger peaks but thank you for performing your community service nonetheless! ;)

Jo Princess Warrior said...

I love tea too and I slow down when people tail gate me! I am visting from Stacey's link. Thanks for sharing.

Lela said...

I'm (hoping to) enrol in Cert 2 of Childrens Services.....still haven't heard yet....


Tea lovers unite!