Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2020 here I come!!! or How I dream Big

I think we all should dream big. Small dreams are good and essential for keeping you motivated, but I think we should all have a big dream to hope for. If you ever get to that goal, achieve that big dream....well I don't think that is quite as important. The important part is the dreaming.

My big dream is to go on a world trip with my close friend in 2020. Why 2020? Well it's going to take that long to save up! But also our babies will be older and (we hope) sufficient enough in life skills that we can leave them behind and have a bit of fun.

A few weeks ago, we decided the achievement of this dream really is important, so important that we opened a high interest savings account, set up direct debits and got started. We have both been been going through/continuing to go through intense personal upheavals in our lives, and we both need this big dream to strive for.

So far we are really having fun with it. So much fun, that we have started a blog Two Mummy Ducks to catalogue our saving adventures, but also our adventures practicing being eccentric traveling ladies! If nothing else, I'm sure our grandchildren will get a kick out of reading it in decades to come!

Our first 'outing' as eccentric travelling ladies is to "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)", of which I've heard great things about. I'm really looking forward to it (it's next week). :)

I'll leave you with a video collage I made a few years ago. I play this when I'm feeling sad and need a boost. Seeing my babies makes me happy, and the song I put to it makes me hopeful :)
(It's Dream Big by Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband)

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Catherine said...

I love that montage! I also like that we feature in it as hidden guests if you look ;)