Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mummy Daughter Date

My daughter has been nagging for a few weeks to go to the Quilt and Craft Fair in Perth this week. Now I'm a crafty person and you would think I would love these things. And don't get me wrong, I like going to them....but $22 for myself and my daughter to get in...ouch. And I find that the majority of the stalls are the same stalls that were there last year. And the year before that.
Anyhow I digress.

My daughter had a good time. We ended up strolling through the city, and popped over to the Made on the Left pop up market. Not much was going on, only about 8 stalls.

Then we decided to do some sight seeing. Perth doesn't have a huge amount of stuff to see and look at, but nonetheless, still has some gems.

Photos are of us being goofs and a quote at London courts.


Anonymous said...

Oooh you're local! I love local bloggers!
How did you find the fair...I popped in and wasn't too impressed!
Lovely blog and I'm tagging along for the journey if thats ok!
xx Stacey

Lela said...

Hello! I found you via Blessed are the Meek blog :)

I've been to a few fairs now, and it's just the same stuff every year. Same stall holders too. Kind of disappointing.

I'm sporadic with blogging, but sure if I can follow you, then you can follow me ! :)