Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Ceative Place

I'm participating in Kootoyoo's Creative Place.

Clockwise from the magazine
*Ottobre magazine, I made Lily a cute skirt and my other daughter has requested one too.
*Pink fabric for the cute skirt.
*Snap press. I've been playing with this nifty toy. Beats doing button holes ;)
*Letters. I saw in a home decorating magazine a lovely decoration for christmas trees; Oversized Letter. So I bought one each for my children (first letter of their names) and we'll decorate them this weekend as a christmas craft activity.



Stephanie and Carlos said...

OH a stud press.. I need to get me one of those!!! The chrissy letters are a great addition we have the letters for our 3 kids too and they love pulling them out of the box... actually I should get the chrissy box this week end... running a tad late hehe

xo Steph

Kirsty said...

I love Christmas craft with the kids.