Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enid was one clever lady

I'm participating in an Enid sew along on crafty mamas . Enid Gilchrist was a very resourceful woman, who via New Idea, publish many magazines for the home sewer from 1950-1970's. And I personally think she rocks!

So anyway, the first part of the sew-along is to pick out the pattern. I chose a basic sun dress in size 5. The next part was to draft the pattern. I've only ever done this once before and it can be a little tricky. Basically Enid has the pattern drawn up with corresponding measurements in inches. Starting at the nominated point you use the various measurements to get the pattern shape and then sort of fill in the gaps. I found it easier with my cutting mat as it has inches all drawn up, and along with my ruler I was able to draft the dress in no time.

Next step is to choose some fabric :)

Some other Enid lovers are Alesha and Tracy and a group Enid Blog

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