Sunday, May 31, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Not a bad week, I've been snacking on fruit, making nice dinners and drinking water. I had to buy lunch two days in a row but I chose a healthy option. I'm finding the tea drinking is up, probably because the cool weather has finally arrived, but I'm continuing the sugar ban, so I'm not to concerned.

I wasn't able to do the fitness class this week, due to some volunteer work that took up all of last week. But that (the volunteer work) was quite full on and I was on my feet almost all day, so I'm sure I burnt up some calories that way.

Thoughts and Actions
The volunteer work I did was organise the school bookfair. So each day, I dressed the part and I also put make up on. And I felt really good about myself. I looked professional and felt professional. I did a really good job, and I received many compliments for the job that I did, so this was a huge self-esteem boost. I didn't get to spend my bra voucher or get my nails done, but that's ok, hopefully next week.

*Go to 2 fitness classes this week
*Spend my vouchers!
*Weigh myself and see how I'm going weight wise.


mirage said...

great inspiration! well done on your achievements so far.

belinda said...

Congratulations on all your hard work and commitment to making your life better.

If the tea starts to get too boring you might want to consider the dried miso soup sachets for a different flavour.

Kind Regards