Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

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I have been majorly majorly slack. I haven't abandoned my "Because I'm worth it Challenge", I'm still progressing really well. I just haven't been inspired to blog it lately. :)
Food has been doing well. I'm now down to no suger in my tea! I've gone from 3 cups back up to 4 or 5 cups a day, but thats ok. I'm comfortable with this. I now can not stand drinking full cream milk, and it only gets bought if we run out and my DH has to get it (he hates HiLo). Take-aways are fortnightly for the kids, sometimes I get some, sometimes I don't. If I do get it I try to select healthier options or at least find out what the nutritional panel says and try and opt for a meal that has 10g fat per 100g or better. I have been looking at nutritional panels a lot lately.
Ok get ready for it.......I HAVE BEEN EXERCISING!!!!
At the moment it is just jogging around the backyard and walking the kids to and from school, but today I started a fitness training class. It works out to be a real bargain. A parent (fully trained in fitness stuff) has started classes down at my kids school for only $8. The classes are small, and she gives heaps of one on one help, a bit like having your own personal trainer.
Thoughts and Actions
I have broken through the 90kg barrier, which I am super please about! So far I have been losing weight but it has been slow and steady. I know that's what health professionals recommend but....well I guess it just takes a long time. I am now about a size 16/18 and this is even more exciting than the weight loss! This week I'm off to spend my Mothers Day gifts ($100 voucher to bra shop and $50 voucher to get my nails prettied up). I'm really excited about the bra's as I've been wearing my maternity bra's....they aren't very supportive and they are really quite ugly.
* Keep a tally of the 5 veg and 2 fruit. Make sure I get the 5 serves of veg.
*Continue with the workout class and aim to participate twice a week.

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