Friday, March 6, 2009

Because I'm Worth It Update

Ok this time I'm really back into it!

Hmm progress so so. I'm not being strict enough with the breakfast, however water intake is good. I haven't had an iced coffee for 9 days!! So that's really good, but then I've had extra tea (craving caffeine/sugar maybe?).

I'm still walking to and from school when I can. And I'm starting to think about going for walks again with the dog.....

Thoughts and Actions
I've started at Tafe, so every Thursday I make a special effort to dress up nice and look like I'm off to work. It makes me look forward to Thursday. I realise I could do this everyday, but why bother, I mean, dressing up to hang out the washing is not really to appealing. I've also started (externally) at uni. It feels great to be doing something for me, something that is challenging my mind and to be doing something to develop my post-SAHM goals.
I had a friend comment to me this week that I look good (she commented on a Thursday though) and this felt nice.

*get back into morning breakfast.
*go for two walks besides school drop off/pick up

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