Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Down by the Farm:Perhaps I'm a little dense, but it only occured to me last week when I harvested half my vegie patch, that I didn't have much growing anymore, and I need to be planting something new each week. Hmmm derr. So my new goal is to plant at least two different varieties each week. Last wekend I planted watermelon, pumkin, cucumber, basil, tomatoes, capsicum, rosella and loofah.

This week I got my digger seeds and I'm planning on another row of carrots and some capsicum. I also need to work on the second vegie patch. It got neglected in the post baby recovery and I need to get it functioning.

Makings: My iron fell off the ironing board (my fault) and cracked across the top. So I need to buy another iron before I do any major sewing. However I did finish my Incredible costume for myself and my husband for a halloween party. We looked awsome!
I need to finish off xmas cards, hats and start my Felix dresses for my girls

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