Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thoughts about School

My son has speech and hearing difficuties, so I wasn't about to experience him saying the quirky and funny things that children say in the daily observaions of life.

But my daughter sure makes up for her brothers quietness. This past fortnight has been tremendous for her, full-time school, new friends, new teachers and a new school. Her attitude towards school (and daycare) has always been negative, but slowly she is coming around (I hope). The following are some her funny realisations on school.

Scene: 8.20 am walking to school.

Little Miss 4: I have to go to school everyday!!! (in a disgusted tone).

Mama: Yes.

LM4: I don't think I can handle this.

Scene: Home, sitting on the lounge.

LM4: So, when will this end?

Mama: What baby girl?

LM4: School. When will it end?

Mama: Huh? What, you mean when are school holidays?

LM4: Noooo (exsparated tone). The whole lot.

Mama: Errrr, you've got another 13 years of school at least.

LM4: Arrghhh.

She makes me smile.

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