Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A.S.A.P get it, like ASAP

This post has not been sponsored in any way shape or form. This is all my own opinion. I bought these products with my own money. I just love this brand and after a few decades trying to find something that doesn't burn, cause blotchiness and aggravate my acne, I've finally found it!
Well over a year ago I booked in for a facial, it was bliss, really bliss, and my skin felt divine. The beautician convinced me to buy a travel pack which contained some of the products in it and some moisturiser. I can't remember all the contents, but I do remember wondering if I had just wasted my money and I would be binning these in 12 months (you know beauty products have a shelf life don't you?).
The brand is ASAP, and you can find them at
They were worth every cent. Seriously.

I use the moisturiser and cleanser every morning and night. And apart from having to go several weeks without the moisturiser (no stockist in my home town eek! And then I forgot to buy some when I went to my closest regional city!), I have used the both with a fair amount of commitment for about 16 months now.

Now I'm no supermodel. Those who see me first thing in the morning will confirm I can and do look like a wild women of Borneo. I have days where I'm bloated, where lack of sleep takes it's toll and where I need to get stuck into the healthy foods more.
But I am nearly 35. I raise 4 kids as a mum who is single. I run two business's . I study full time at university. I volunteer at the school canteen. I play basketball. I ferry around kids so they can play basketball.
I'm flat out busy and often sleep deprived. I have every reason to look like hell.
Now I don't want to sound up myself, but for the most part, I don't think I look like hell. Genetics might play a part. When I get enough water and nutrients, that plays a part too. But I have noticed a massive difference in my skin and my acne problem (quite bad hormonal acne on my chin and neck, I still get pimples, but they don't turn into massive clusters of poppable pimples anymore) since I started using this brand.
I haven't had another facial since (but I want one!).
I don't wear foundation. Ever. My make up routine is sometimes a bit of lipstick or lip balm and some eyleliner. Sometimes.

I've used the facial scrub and the tinted moisturiser. The scrub is great too. The moisteriser would be great, but the tint is a littl strong. I don't look like an Oompa Loompa, but I do look like I've used a bottle of fake tan. Like 5 minutes ago. I do use this, but tone it down a bit with my moisteriser. The clear skin gel is fabulous, makes my skin feel nice and tight and firm too.
Go! It's worth giving a go!

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