Monday, August 12, 2013

Mans Best Friend

Dating advice for the not so desperate!

An occasional series, taking advice from Disney, my mum and other randoms and taking the piss out of being single and dateless!


Wanna date?
I was having a chat to my mum the other day, we get the normal pleasantries out of the way, you know, how are the kids, how's the country life ect ect.


Then she asks for an update on my love life. You see she is praying to the gods and goddess that they will send along a suitable fellow soon. And she's a woman of faith and expecting some sort of action by now.

She must be praying to the wrong deities.

Anyhoo, I tell her there is no update and day dreams don't count.

So she then tells me to get a dog, walk the dog, and when I come across some man, strike up a conversation. Use the dog as an icebreaker. Ask this man on a date. And voila, love life fixed.

Thanks mum.

Too easy.

Only, I don't have a dog.

I live 25km out of town.

My nearest neighbour is my sister ( thanks).

And my driveway is 2km long, and to be honest, after walking two km down that, I might not be in the best state to strike up a convo with an eligible bachelor.


Ahhhh mum, keep pray'n


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