Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cars and Houses

FFS Friday

Today is Saturday, who gives...I had a crap week with lots of FFS moments. So here goes:


Bought $20 000 car. Love it. No FFS.

$20 000 car breaks down 7 days later. FFS

Major engine failure. You have got to be kidding me. FFS

Car dealership sorting it out at no cost to me. No FFS.

I have a loan car, busy advertising Bunbury Holden across south west WA, whilst yelling at the kids to not put their muddy feet on the seats, touch the glass with their fingerprints, eat/breathe/make smells ect in the loan car. FFS.

Borrow sisters bogan car that goes and goes and goes. And when it breaks it's fixable and then goes some more. No FFS.

Lock keys in sisters car, 10.30pm at night. Car is on. I live in a rural area. No one around. FFS.

Walk the 300m down the road to my sisters house, pitch black, cold, to get my sister, admit to my stupidity and get help. FFS.

Ended up smashing the window to get keys and turn car off. FFS.

Goodbye $285. FFS

Water pressure in rental is almost none existent. Leak, maybe a blockage, who knows but it means hot water can't kick in. No hot showers, 10 days now. Using sisters amenities. FFS.

Bloody awful smell wafting up from toilet, think the recent rains have affected the backyard sewerage in some way. FFS.

Those same rains have cause a major ceiling leak in the hallway. FFS.

House is not happening, had enough. Applied for another rental. No FFS.

Offered 6 months paid rent in advance to secure it, waiting to hear back. No comment cause I don't want to jinx myself.

Rent is more than my last mortgage. FFS.

Hoping next week is better!!! Way better!

Come join in, it's strongly therapeutic! Thanks for the lovely for all the good times following FFS Friday!!


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