Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Basics

It's been a while. I sort of lost my way a little, which is a shame, because this challenge is a wonderful one and brings so many benefits. This challenge is a bit like a stone that is thrown into a lake, the ripples can keep going, wider and wider, in that it benefits me, my family, my environment, 'the' environment and my community.

So here we go!

Sowing seed or Planting -

Baby Rocket Leaves

Waltham Broccoli
Creamgold Onions
Mesclun Provencal (Lettuce mix)
Playing around with Sweet Potato Tubers. Heard on the radio you should try and sprout them in a jar first. Is this true?

My vegie patch has been seriously neglected and is now chock full of weeds. *sigh* So my goal over the next week is to spend 15min everyday weeding. From little things, big things grow. Right?

Planning for The Future
Menu Planning, I need to start stockpiling again

Working for the Future
It's 'bulk rubbish' time in my community, that is, you put all your unwanted bulky items on the front verge and the council sends along a truck to pick it all up. So we have done a bit a clear out of broken stuff (not suprisingly, mostly plastic) from out of the shed and behind the shed.
I've gone around and done a bit of a de-clutter of the inside of the house, 3 garbage bags of outgrown clothes and unwanted toys have now gone to the op shop. I've got a small pile of 'good' stuff that I will be listing on eBay, I might get a few extra dollars :)
Cadel needs some winter clothes, mostly p.j's and long pants. So I've been through my stash and this week I'm hoping to sew up some things for him. All four of the kids need a basic, but nice, suitable for winter, church outfit (doubles up for special going out clothes too). I've got plenty of fabric, I just need to make the time to sew some things up.

Building Community
Volunteered to bring in a fruit platter for welcome back morning tea at Zoe's school.
Volunteered at church to help out with making bags for a church project.
Babysitting duties for friends and neighbours (doubles up as a school holiday sanity saver).

Learn a new Skill
Tried a new sewing pattern. Looks great!

Thankyou to Belinda who hosts the Back to Basics Challenge.

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