Monday, January 11, 2010

Because I'm Worth It

Well I'm back from Girl Guide Camp, and phew, I'm glad to be back! No place like home, especially a my nice comfortable bed.

I generally ate well on camp, but as food was catered, choices were limited. I could have eaten more fruit, but I drunk plenty of water and didn't have any iced coffees. The closest toilets were about 200m away and the showers were 1km away (I'm not joking). The dining tent was about 850m away.
I'll let you do the maths, but put it this way, I did a hell of a lot of walking!

Despite the several litres a day of water I drunk, I think I'm still dehydrated. I got sunburn on my legs and arms on Wednesday, and in general I developed a tan several shades darker than my normal skin tone (I know this, because I wear over-sized sunglasses, and I'm now sporting a very attractive over sized 'panda eyes' tan line). My skin feels dry and leathery and I seem to have an unquenchable thirst at the moment.

On the up side, I jumped on the Wii and I have lost 900g. I was kind of disappointed, I was expecting more. But it has only been a week, and realistically, 900g is good weight loss for one week.

So, my goals for next week.
*continue to drink water
*walk the dog for 30min x2
*30min of exercise on the Wii fit everyday
*try one new recipe, that is healthy, and share on this blog.

Hope you are having a lovely week. :)


belinda said...


Just remember if you are dehydrated when you re hydrate the scale might go up before it comes down. Considering the type of food generally provided at that type of camp I am impressed no matter what the final number was.

Kind Regards

Crunchie's Mum said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the camp. My son goes to Deakin Uni and he told me the 'place was taken over by Guides'. Its always good to go home, especially after camp, nothing beats that first shower at home.