Monday, March 21, 2011

Life is Good

Because it's all good :)

Life has been busy. Really busy. I'm in a happy place and plodding along.

I started a business which can be found here selling children's products and some mama items. I have some other business venture ideas up my sleeve...not sure if they'll come to fruition, but they are on my brainstorm map for sure.

My hope for The Treasure Tent is to have a decent income source so I can do the things that don't provide income (parenting, volunteer work, studying random units at uni). While this is my goal, I'm open to the timeframe in achieving it. It's hard work, damn hard work, establishing a business. I know this from starting a business with husband in the building industry. The running around, self-promotion, long hours and initially low/no pay. But I'm committed.

On the home front, my son turned 10 recently. 10!!!! A whole decade I've been a mummy! I'm so proud of him, and I know I'll continue to do so. From his various health issues (respiratory illness, epilepsy, hearing and speech impairments) as a toddler, to having to go to a specialist school, experiencing bullying as junior primary student, he has evolved into a young boy I am so immensely proud of. I look at him and see glimpses of the man he'll become .....and I'm getting goosebumps! He is going to be a great dad/citizen/husband when he grows up.

My other children are plodding along fine. My youngest continues to push boundaries, and although he is a trial, I see in him qualities I admire (innovation, persistence, strength). My girls are my babies. They are scrumptious and creative, they are sweet and they are lovely. They shine.

My sewing is going really well. Part of my business consists of my creations and it is so validating to sell things I have made. I got chooks, they were killed (by the dog), so Fort Knox a.k.a the chicken coop was constructed. I have 4 chooks now, only 1 layer, but the other 3 are young. The garden is sort of ok. Ok the vegie patch is dismal, but I have more fruit trees and they are growing lovely.

Life is good


belinda said...

Welcome Back Lela,

So very glad that "life is good".

Kind Regards

Catherine said...

Yay! You are back! Me too :) ... must be catching ;) xx