Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ta Da!!

I've finally finished my sewing space! Kind of. Well enough to be happy to post pictures anyway. J I still need a sewing table as the one I had in mind was sold out when I went to Ikea. Very disappointing, especially as I wasn't able to get the table before the price went up by $129!!

Corner study unit. The doors all close up, so everything can be shut away, nice and tidy. Also keeps little fingers out. This room also has to double up as a home office, so this corner unit was the perfect piece of furniture.


Two Expendit shelves put together to make a cutting table with storage underneath. This cutting table is not quite tall enough, but that's ok. I'm going to eventually get a glass panel and get hubby to raise the level so it is more comfortable. I got the idea from someone posting on the Crafty Mamas Forum where someone (sorry couldn't find the forum post) commented on this blog post.

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