Friday, May 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Supplies for a crafty weekend
Firstly some thoughts from my darling daughter.

Scene: Day before school goes back after two weeks and one day's holidays.
Lily: Mama, do I have to go to school tomorrow.
Mama: Yes Lilian you do.
Lily: Can I have the day off then?

This weekend is going to be busy busy busy. I'm making paper bag albums for my mum and mother in law for mother's day. Something like this here. Not sure if they will like it but, hey to bad. I also have two sister in laws who are celebrating birthdays next week. They are both getting a quote book, again scrapbooked and made by me. And one SIL is also getting a scarf (if I can make it in time!). The other SIL got a scarf ages ago.

I'm also collecting fabric to make some gifts for my daughter's 5th birthday. Pinks and purples are the colour palette. I'm thinking scarf, bag and a hat......

In the garden this weekend I need to plants some beans, make up some bug spray and plant out the daffodils and tulips. The other bulbs I planted have started to emerge and the green manure crop is also doing well. I have two mice in the compost bin, having a merry time, so something needs to be done about that......
And I have picked up my book for Green Beans bookworm challenge. I'm reading Affluenza: the all consuming epidemic for the month of May. I first heard of this book at Crunchy Chicken's Book Club and it really has me interested. So if this weekend isn't already busy enough, I'll try and read a chapter as well.
Yep, busy, busy, busy.


Green Bean said...

Ha, that sounds like the conversation I had with my son this morning after a week's vacation. Nice try, huh?

As to being busy, I always feel like I'm behind. I guess if I ever caught up that would mean I didn't have enough stuff to do. ;-)

Me said...

Re: My daughter. You never know if you don't ask would be her philosophy.

It was a very productive weekend! Those balls of yarn are now a long fluffy scarf!