Friday, April 18, 2008

More Garden Work

The couch grass is causing me no end of stress, so I decided a passive aggressive approach is necessary. The 'No Dig' method does work, but needs to be done properly. I've half-heartily done it before, but failed as I didn't set it up right, nor did I continue with it. This method does smother the weeds, but couch grass is very resourceful and you have to be really on to it if you see it re-appearing.

The top layer is some mushroom compost. Around the edges I planted sweet peas, mostly so they can add some colour and interest over winter and also so my daughter can pick some flowers (she loves picking flowers). In the bed itself I put broad beans, oats and woolly pod vetch seeds. This is for a green manure crop and I purchased the seeds from the beautiful people at eden seeds. The green manure crop will help suppress weeds as well as add nutrients and (eventually) mulch to the garden bed.

More info on 'No Dig' garden beds here and a great video here.

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